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Sample Journal Study Update
YOGA COULD REDUCE RISK FACTORS OF CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: Researchers have reported promising evidence that the mind-body practice of yoga may manage and improve the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, making it a potentially effective therapy for cardiovascular health. They found that yoga may provide the same risk factor reduction as traditional physical activities such as biking. Compared to no exercise, yoga significantly improved each risk factors measured: body mass index (BMI), systolic blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and good cholesterol. There were also improvements in body weight, diastolic blood pressure, total cholesterol, and heart rate. This finding is significant, because individuals who cannot or prefer not to perform traditional aerobic exercise might still achieve similar benefits in via yoga. Yoga was found to have comparable effects on risk factors as aerobic exercise. The investigators note that the findings might stem from the impact of yoga on stress reduction, leading to positive impacts on neuroendocrine status, metabolic and cardio function. This study was posted online December 16, 2014, and it will be published in a future issue of the journal European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. The full study report can now be read online at http://tinyurl.com/kee3lq4 with fee payment.

Sample Factoid
Acupuncture helps heart failure patients. Although exercise can be beneficial to patients with heart failure, exercising is a problem because shortness of breath and fatigue - which make vigorous or longer-term exercise difficult - are, in themselves, symptoms of heart failure. But acupuncture can increase exercise tolerance. The needles do not increase heart function; but they appear to boost skeletal muscle strength and thus, increase the distance patients can walk. Although heart disease is seen as a pump problem, it also involves inflammation and an imbalance in nerve transmitter substances; acupuncture seems to bring these systems back into balance. A study found that focusing on acupuncture points associated in Traditional Chinese Medicine with muscle strength and inflammation allowed patients to walk further and get more exercise. The study appeared in the June 15, 2010 issue of the journal Heart and can be read online, with subscription to the journal or payment of a per-article fee, at: http://bit.ly/dlgsR7.

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