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Sample Journal Study Update
KEY CAUSE OF AGING DETERIORATION CAN BE CORRECTED: A study has found a diminished capacity to manufacture glutathione (GSH) explains the observed lower levels in, and is a key factor in, age-related deterioration - and that supplementation with two GSH precursors restores normal levels, diminishing age-related damage. (GSH is a primary antioxidant, crucial to completing the antioxidant process started by other antioxidants, and without which, half-finished metabolism of free radicals causes a chain reaction of cell destruction.) Reduced GSH levels occur with age, damaging cells, but the reason for the drop has been unclear. The study showed age-related reductions in GSH levels stem from diminished ability to synthesize GSH. Supplementing with the GSH precursors cysteine and glycine fully restored normal GSH production, largely restored normal GSH concentration levels, and significantly reduced oxidative stress and the cellular damage of aging. The report suggested supplementation with cysteine and glycine may be a safe and effective way to lower age-related free radical damage. (The body cannot directly absorb GSH well.) This study was released July 27, 2011 by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition but will not be published until a future issue. It is online at http://bit.ly/r7uI3F with subscription or fee.

Sample Factoid
Boiling or microwaving broccoli prevents formation of cancer-inhibiting sulforaphane, but sulforaphane is restored if the broccoli is eaten with mustard, radish, arugula, wasabi, or any uncooked cruciferous vegetable.

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